Wednesday, November 8, 2017

First Hard Frost

We woke up this morning to our first hard frost. Fortunately, I brought the peppers and tomatoes that are still ripening into the garage a couple of days ago and covered the greens outside with ag-cloth (except for the kale which is extra hardy). I cut the tomatoes off at the base and carried them entwined in their cage into the garage where they are hanging upside down. I read that they will ripen better when attached to the stem. The green peppers were rolled in on two wheel dollies since they are in grow boxes.

Before the frost we harvested all of the new green tips from our mint plants. We ate the last cucumber from the garden today and the last green beans a few days ago, though both of them stopped producing in abundance a few weeks ago. I have been eating handfuls of raspberries for months now, they seldom make it to the kitchen for a photo shoot. We have been harvesting kale, chard, lettuce, celery, tatsoi, parsley and cilantro and expect to continue for many more weeks with the help of a new greenhouse. The new greenhouse structure is almost ready. I had some trouble bending the ribs consistently last weekend but expect to get it right this weekend.

Frost on kale

Garden tucked in below new greenhouse structure

Tomatoes hanging upside-down in garage

Friday, June 16, 2017

Early Midsummer Update

The mulberries are becoming ripe now, this is one of my favorite berries. I like the way they melt in your mouth and they are very sweet. Last year, the birds picked the bush clean before I could enjoy them. Tomorrow morning, I will cover it with netting.

The chard has been harvestable for a couple of weeks. I am looking forward to a dinner of steamed chard with tamari rice. One of my favorite dishes.

Three productive frames

The daikon radishes will be harvested and pickled this weekend. Parsley, cilantro, and basil are ready to be added into tabouli, salsa and pesto respectively.

The peas are producing abundantly, four cups this morning, three cups yesterday, a couple handfuls the day before that. Almost all of the spinach has bolted at this point. The leaves never grew large. perhaps due to being crowded, but nothing that grew was wasted.

Cucumbers and pole beans were planted under the pea vines on Tuesday. If I were on top of things, I would have started lettuce three weeks ago that could be planted in place of the spinach and radishes that will be harvested. Something is eating leaves in the first frame, time to bring out the beer traps.

The marigolds that I started from seed in April all have at least one flower blooming now. The clematis, rhododendron, lupine and columbine are finishing blooming. Veronica, hosta, azalea, and [?] are blooming.

Cucumber and echinaceae seedlings

Cucumbers planted under pea vines next to radishes

Sweet peppers in a grow box

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Cruising Along

Everything is growing quickly in the garden now. The peas which started blooming in the middle of last week are sporting pods.

We have six tomato plants in a new frame and six green peppers in containers.  The basil is almost ready for a second harvest and the chard and kale in the second frame will each make a good dinner with rice or quinoa. Radishes, spring onions and baby greens from the first garden frame continue to be enjoyed on a daily basis. We also have enough parsley to make some tabouli and cilantro for fresh salsa.

Cucumbers and string beans starting in the basement will probably be planted out this weekend.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Two Frames in Full Production

We have two 2.5' x 8' frames in full production now with three tomatoes and twelve basil planted in containers. More tomatoes and green peppers will be planted out this weekend. Cucumber, milkweed and echinacea seeds are starting in the basement. Thank goodness we have a three day weekend so that I can get caught up.