Thursday, July 14, 2016

First Pesto and Seed Starting for Fall and Winter Garden

I made the first two batches of basil pesto this morning (yielding four cups), though I could have started making pesto several weeks ago. I still have enough picked and washed for several more batches and will probably pick and make more next weekend.

Last night, I started 48 snap peas, and 20 each nash's kale, tatsoi, pac choi, spinach, coastal star lettuce, and black-seeded simpson lettuce. Carrots and beets will be planted directly in the garden.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mid-July Check-in

I picked three cabbage worms off of my cabbage, not sure if the moths got in through the cover or had layed eggs before the plants were transplanted. Anyway, removing them seems to have stemmed the destruction. About half of the plants were affected.

The beets in frame 1-2 are strangely stunted even though they have been watered well for the past few weeks. It may be due to lack of nutrients because the beets in the back of the frame where I planted squash with some Bumper Crop are doing much better.

I picked what must be about the last peas today and about 3 gallons of lettuce.

The tomatoes, squash and green pepper fruits are growing. The basil is past the point where I should have made some pesto (about 2' tall).

The thought came to me ten days ago as I was removing  a very large burdock from near a tenant's porch that this would be an excellent time of the year to start a compost pile. There will be lots of large green weeds like burdock that haven't flowered yet, that can be combined with straw and dirt to make a nice big steaming pile.

I haven't started any seeds for fall yet. Must get those going...

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Cucurbits flowering

The squash and cucumber plants are flowering even though the plants are very small. The pea plants in the partial shade are still flowering and producing peas. The raspberries are still only producing a few berries per day. The basil is past due for a trimming. I have almost finished the romaine lettuce and will pick leaf lettuce from frame 2-1 in the next couple of days.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New frame

Last night I was able to fill another 4'x4' frame and transplant 12 cabbage plants that have been hanging out on trays in frame 2-3. I used (8) 40lb bags of potting soil, mushroom compost, leaf compost, Bumper Crop, peat moss and perlite to fill the frame made of 2x8's. After filling and transplanting, I covered the plants with ag-cloth to keep the cabbage moths out and to provide some shade.

The peas that were flowering last week are now ready for eating. Also, we picked 5 ripe raspberries yesterday evening.

I tested the drip irrigation harnesses on three frames. It seemed like there was not quite enough pressure to run them as they should. I will have to add valves to the main distribution line to separate the garden into watering zones receiving available pressure at different times.